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When Weight Loss Leaves Stretch Marks

by Martin A. David
Varicose Vein Treatment Columnist

Today's emphasis on body image gives the impression that once you have lost that extra poundage, life will change and everything will be wonderful. Then you step off the scale with a feeling of triumph and look in the mirror. The weight is gone, but now there are stretch marks and loose skin where the fat used to be. The next step is a treatment to remove stretch marks; stretch mark removal differs from varicose vein removal.

Fat deposits are covered by layers of skin. The skin expands to cover these enlarged areas. When the fat is removed, the skin remains. The elasticity of the skin is such that once the cells have been elongated it can take years for it to return to its former shape.

The surface of the skin shows wrinkling in the areas that were previously stretched. These stretch marks or striae gravidarum as they are known in medical terms, are signs that the skin has been pulled out of shape.

Stretch Mark Causes and Treatments

Stretch marks can appear on the abdomen, breast area, and buttocks as a result of significant weight loss or weight gain in these areas. Of course, the most common appearance of striae gravidarum is the pregnancy stretch marks that occur when the belly enlarges with the growth of the developing child.

There are various medically approved approaches to dealing with the problem of loose, stretched skin and its unsightly marks. For example, there are a number of commercially available stretch mark creams that help return the stretched skin to its' previous state. You can also consult a plastic surgeon for treatment of stretch marks.

There are even laser treatments for stretch marks that allow you to deal with the problem without surgery.

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